Rumination amidst solitude

You Ma

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Ma, I was too busy complaining,
The art of silence doesn’t work anymore
For ruthless manipulation selfishness,
Malevolence and vanity oil the world.
And Ma, the reservoir of guilt in me
Stirs, bubbles, as I contemplate
The shallow end to get to my dreams.
I was still complaining Ma
As I took that punch of a feel
Of incompetency right across my face
For not holding onto aggression
And arrogance to turn tides to my favor.
Why did you curb those streaks in me?
For it is easier to be plain shallow!
Those corporate dreams, the luxury,
The vanity are all but another version
Of poverty so you told me…
Go inwards, seek love, content within!

It is not easy Ma
To summon courage of the highest order
To face oneself, accept oneself.
And if I turned out a person calm
Graceful like a centered woman
Instead of taking it out on the world
I am getting there Ma.
You shower love not once jealous
At beauty and goodness not your own.
You are capable of sharing your sons
With girls from another’s womb
Not once possessive, Oh your serenity
(which very few women possess)
And power to wait at the face of key threats
Not once restless or antagonistic…
I simply want to be You MA.

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I am Special

There is this ring of attraction
That passes right through us
And it is natural that I am attracted
To you and you too,
And you maybe attracted to her
That lovely friend of mine
With slender hips or that one
Over there with great hair!
And let me tell you, that one lady
Who evades your mind
Is way too smart for you.
As for me,
I like the way you lavish time,
Affection, attention and by simply listening
You make me feel like the centre
of your present, the current!
But all that is just till
An other lady I’m acquainted with
Tells me how a wonderful, kind man
You are and how special you make her feel.
That wonderful glow of “it maybe love”
makes me want to tell her,
“Honey, he is the same one
Who smeared it on me as well.”

It’s fine and that romance “forever”
Is taking that farthest seat in me.
You just make everyone feel special
And it is not a bad thing.
But will it ever stop this special after special?
If anything irks me at all…
It is just that feeling of my specialty
Or hers or hers is not special enough to you
But I guess…
That is something YOU should work on
And I shouldn’t be carried away
By my specialty mirrored in your eyes!
Instead I should live in sheer exhilaration
In knowing that “I am Special”.

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