Rumination amidst solitude

Will you have me?

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 1:51 AM
Here I am awake late into the night
Staring into the darkness in and out
Feeling all those sad thoughts
I ought not to. That is what
Drowns me in utter dismay,
You, whom I have known,
For such a brief while
Can make me sigh and whine.
I bear a fa├žade of indifference
And appear to be out of reach
But here I am failing every minute
For I cannot bear to stay away,
In a desperate attempt to soothe myself
My heart toys around like a lonely child
Over those joyous memoirs
And I hear your laughter, your voice
Rekindle the ecstasy they have brought me
And I can’t even remember why
I’m staying away.

I want to come back. Will you have me?

Open Highway

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 2:46 AM

How like a highway open

I let people pass me by.

I hate being a desolate road and

If a little meaningless hustle bustle

Would take away another dreary

Lonely day, I’d let people linger

For my sake alone!

And LO! A friend on the horizon!

A good friend is a kismet.

But also a bane,

For once you know

What it is like to have a friend

Anguish it is to be an open highway.

I know I will survive.

But when I’ve had a day eventful,

Or when I’ve basked in the sun

When leisure pursuits fascinate

Or when I have tasted dust

That sour taste in my mouth

Pervades for nothing is done with

Unless I split it with you,

For you abide my weakness and strengths,

Foster intimacy, a rare, rare luxury

I want to hold on to forever.