Rumination amidst solitude

Just Tell Me

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Just Tell Me

The fancy you have allowed me
To believe that your are in love
Yet not the benefit
Of a claim I can define
That we are in love…
This helpless need for selfish love
Where you are the lover and I am the loved
Where I bask in my own reflection
Through your eyes and I enjoy
A sheer vanity that was missing,

But it is no longer about me
Or how I ravish in my own reflection
I am in love with you.
Pray! Do not take me to the heavens
Only for you to retreat into your island
That is forbidden to me.
But do correspond, tell me…
When and why you put this silence
In between that I cannot fathom.

I love you enough to want to fathom
All your needs and put them before mine.
You are free to be yourself
To leave, to stay, to love another,
But the silence is killing me.

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