Rumination amidst solitude

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Jealousy in a Lover

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There is a lover within the woman in me

Chained, shunned…

For the sensitivity summons

In me all my womanliness,

Renders me tender with emotions,

But when I’m sparkling with love

The way he can wound me

By staying aloof and occupied…

The lover in me withdraws with ache

Longing arms and smother my tears…

The lover in me makes the woman

Irate in a way nor my man or I fathom…

The qualms, the uncertainty in me

Yet in all my love and passion

Makes me jealous of the sight

Of another woman you may cast your glance on.

Then a little reason triumphs over

And I leave my man and wait

For nothing beats the necessity

Of a man who desires to be himself

Irrespective of being the lover, son, father

Before he is set to give again…

And I can wait, lug at other interests

Till he seeks the consideration of a woman

Draw the lover in me…