Rumination amidst solitude

Just a Queen of the Night

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 2:16 AM

How I took pride in being

The queen of your nights,

And nothing soothes the frail vanity

Of a prostitute like me

Than a man who makes time

For me Over and over again,

It is bloody cruel, these emotions

And I’d any day prefer lying down

A numb weight of flesh

To random man after man

Than someone like you

Who’d rouse feeling I fear.

Have the blasted three letter word

But Pray! Don’t make love to me.

For all that a hooker can but try

To muster up is a pinch of self-worth,

Sadly through a dreamboat like you

I’d feel loved and my lips welcome

For a change and I’d wake with luster

And shower you off me reluctantly…

But then that’d only be till

Reason conquers your lust

And you return a wonderful husband, father

Leaving me just a Queen of a few nights.