Rumination amidst solitude

Poor Little Rich Girl

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 9:16 AM

In some corner of an Orphanage

I am certain things would be vague yet clear.

And you being destined the riches of life, now

Have a home, family and maids for company.

What divinity led you into such blasé fortune!

I see you playing in the sand, soaring on a cycle,

Chasing a ball or some friend

In designer attire with matching shoes, clips, socks

Always accompanied by a maid or two,

Surrounded by people, never alone!

Yet all alone for you have not known

What it is like to grow in heartfelt affection.

Maybe the old man you call ‘grandpa’

And the middle aged woman you call “aunty”

Needed more life and people in their house,

If only they considered the nurturing required

Where mere existence is not enough for a child!

If only someone paid heed to the quick tears streaming

Or the lonesomeness in your mumbling,

It pains me as you grow, your true magnificence

Unknown! If only someone cared!

Then the adopters don’t have the time or interest,

You are at the mercy of one nanny after another

Raising you in resentment, apathy and intolerance,

For they are paid to take care of the lighter needs

Not to shower affection and the dreaded attachment.

Poor little rich girl! I cringe every time I see you,

For neglect is the worst component in ones childhood.