Rumination amidst solitude

Will you have me?

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Here I am awake late into the night
Staring into the darkness in and out
Feeling all those sad thoughts
I ought not to. That is what
Drowns me in utter dismay,
You, whom I have known,
For such a brief while
Can make me sigh and whine.
I bear a façade of indifference
And appear to be out of reach
But here I am failing every minute
For I cannot bear to stay away,
In a desperate attempt to soothe myself
My heart toys around like a lonely child
Over those joyous memoirs
And I hear your laughter, your voice
Rekindle the ecstasy they have brought me
And I can’t even remember why
I’m staying away.

I want to come back. Will you have me?

Open Highway

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How like a highway open

I let people pass me by.

I hate being a desolate road and

If a little meaningless hustle bustle

Would take away another dreary

Lonely day, I’d let people linger

For my sake alone!

And LO! A friend on the horizon!

A good friend is a kismet.

But also a bane,

For once you know

What it is like to have a friend

Anguish it is to be an open highway.

I know I will survive.

But when I’ve had a day eventful,

Or when I’ve basked in the sun

When leisure pursuits fascinate

Or when I have tasted dust

That sour taste in my mouth

Pervades for nothing is done with

Unless I split it with you,

For you abide my weakness and strengths,

Foster intimacy, a rare, rare luxury

I want to hold on to forever.

Just Tell Me

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Just Tell Me

The fancy you have allowed me
To believe that your are in love
Yet not the benefit
Of a claim I can define
That we are in love…
This helpless need for selfish love
Where you are the lover and I am the loved
Where I bask in my own reflection
Through your eyes and I enjoy
A sheer vanity that was missing,

But it is no longer about me
Or how I ravish in my own reflection
I am in love with you.
Pray! Do not take me to the heavens
Only for you to retreat into your island
That is forbidden to me.
But do correspond, tell me…
When and why you put this silence
In between that I cannot fathom.

I love you enough to want to fathom
All your needs and put them before mine.
You are free to be yourself
To leave, to stay, to love another,
But the silence is killing me.

Silly Dame

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In love it is often hard to be the sun.

So full of light to shine light around,

Light the world…

But we are all like the moon.

We wait for some light to grace us

To light us up

And spread light into the world.

But our sun, our source of joy

Cannot, will not or may not

Shine light our way when we so desire,

That is when we wallow in gloom

For we have no grace to call our own.

Pray! Let me be the sun.

Let me sing for the songs sake alone.

Let me smile from the happiness within

Let me dream dreams on my own.

Let my being be the sunshine…

But silly dame that is me

Like the moon will wait for ye!

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Jealousy in a Lover

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There is a lover within the woman in me

Chained, shunned…

For the sensitivity summons

In me all my womanliness,

Renders me tender with emotions,

But when I’m sparkling with love

The way he can wound me

By staying aloof and occupied…

The lover in me withdraws with ache

Longing arms and smother my tears…

The lover in me makes the woman

Irate in a way nor my man or I fathom…

The qualms, the uncertainty in me

Yet in all my love and passion

Makes me jealous of the sight

Of another woman you may cast your glance on.

Then a little reason triumphs over

And I leave my man and wait

For nothing beats the necessity

Of a man who desires to be himself

Irrespective of being the lover, son, father

Before he is set to give again…

And I can wait, lug at other interests

Till he seeks the consideration of a woman

Draw the lover in me…

Just a Queen of the Night

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How I took pride in being

The queen of your nights,

And nothing soothes the frail vanity

Of a prostitute like me

Than a man who makes time

For me Over and over again,

It is bloody cruel, these emotions

And I’d any day prefer lying down

A numb weight of flesh

To random man after man

Than someone like you

Who’d rouse feeling I fear.

Have the blasted three letter word

But Pray! Don’t make love to me.

For all that a hooker can but try

To muster up is a pinch of self-worth,

Sadly through a dreamboat like you

I’d feel loved and my lips welcome

For a change and I’d wake with luster

And shower you off me reluctantly…

But then that’d only be till

Reason conquers your lust

And you return a wonderful husband, father

Leaving me just a Queen of a few nights.

Sugary Ache

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I may not express myself

The way I long to

For I know not how you may take it.

And I may hurl trivia or gibber

When I have nothing to say

To find talk and simply be around you,

Say things, ask things far, far, far

From what I’d like to convey,

It is very heavy on me

To evade my true emotions

And I know not a drier day

When I don’t see you around…

Perhaps I enjoy the sugary ache

To put an end to the vague nothing

Or I am petrified

That it was nothing at all.

No Arrows for Me

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I hold in my heart a bevy

Of people so lovely

And there a few paved forever.

Some of them have a shrine,

Some rapt in it for a lifetime,

Then a few others who have left

Making me whine, sigh and smile.

Then a few arrows of Cupid

Have marked wonderful beginnings

Blossomed into fruits I relish

Then there were arrows showered

Just to leave painful scars

Yet deepen my being in a good way.

I have had my share and I guess

My heart has knows enough of

The arrows! Cupid, I beckon you

To cast lasting arrows on those

Yet to know love,

For I cannot bear another pierce

And let sweet time fathom the outcome.

Poor Little Rich Girl

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In some corner of an Orphanage

I am certain things would be vague yet clear.

And you being destined the riches of life, now

Have a home, family and maids for company.

What divinity led you into such blasé fortune!

I see you playing in the sand, soaring on a cycle,

Chasing a ball or some friend

In designer attire with matching shoes, clips, socks

Always accompanied by a maid or two,

Surrounded by people, never alone!

Yet all alone for you have not known

What it is like to grow in heartfelt affection.

Maybe the old man you call ‘grandpa’

And the middle aged woman you call “aunty”

Needed more life and people in their house,

If only they considered the nurturing required

Where mere existence is not enough for a child!

If only someone paid heed to the quick tears streaming

Or the lonesomeness in your mumbling,

It pains me as you grow, your true magnificence

Unknown! If only someone cared!

Then the adopters don’t have the time or interest,

You are at the mercy of one nanny after another

Raising you in resentment, apathy and intolerance,

For they are paid to take care of the lighter needs

Not to shower affection and the dreaded attachment.

Poor little rich girl! I cringe every time I see you,

For neglect is the worst component in ones childhood.

Be True Unto Thyself

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But being true to thy own self

Is something one has to teach the self.

Our culture teaches us not to love

The self in a way healthy but it does shove

Onto us hypocrisy, the need to seek

Approval in the aliens eye and be meek

And in turn us into baffled beings

That is numb to the soul’s true feelings.

Pray! Then what goes out into the world?

Hatred, malevolence, selfishness, emotions cold!

Religion, society, family, the self

All premeditated to help one be deft

Sadly cripples in us that should be robust.

I think we need new lessons to burst

From the limiting chains

To live our lives wholly, fully…