Rumination amidst solitude

The Roles

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 8:22 AM

For a woman as the fogeys say,

There are three roles for her to play.

I had long hair despite wanting it short

Because my mother loved it that way

I have never been on a date

As the community pronounced it

Loose. To keep it short


I have never watched movies I wanted to

Or relished a nice trip I so wished to

To keep it short

I have not done things young girls usually do.

I fulfilled the role to the core

And I hoped that I’d find fulfillment galore

To keep it short…

In marriage I thought my life would be a whole.

It turned out that he was busy living

His career that was demanding

And to keep it short

For me and our future he was combating.

I had put away my plans

To accommodate his

To keep it short…

Those desires from slumber haven’t risen.

Alongside my girl, took birth

Several new dreams and mirth

Only to keep it short

I’d say it was a total rebirth.

My seething HAD to rest and I smiled

I nurtured, pruned and nursed

And in short

I let go of all that I had dreamed.

Being her mother my attention can wander

Ha! Imagine that of a caretaker!

To mince words and keep it short

Only to myself do I entrust her!

A movie, a girl’s night out

A little fun here and a frolic there

These are a list of things I can do without.

But fulfilling these roles with utmost care

I have let go a fraction of my soul.

Being a daughter, mother and wife

I have accumulated a kitty of unfulfilled desires

But Then I know For Sure

These are things I can go on without.

Unless one permits misery cannot be prolonged.

To leave it short

Worthy it was to put these roles before me.