Rumination amidst solitude

The Best Thing

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 1:32 AM

I enjoy your vacations

I relish being a part of you.

You are my being

And I am your home.

I have liked your likes

And shunned my own

In short, I am doing rather well

Living my life your way

If I choose to measure the changes

I have made to make our life a dream

I must assert that I seldom get to be me.

I have been silent when I wanted to screech

And I have soothed myself

When I wanted to be held

I have been extremely lonely

When I longed for company…

As simple as it seems, I cannot explain

The enormous emotional strain within,

I was taught to not assert myself

And put others, especially my husband before me.

Years of such conditioning has made me cater

Myself only in the end…

If I need to feel pretty, someone should make me.

If I need to feel good again someone should make me.

OH just to be a secure me…

I am afraid I depend on you.

And I know the limits in making another happy all the time.

I won’t blame you.

I love you for what you are and the way you love me.

For I have grown immensely in your love.

The pruning, the shaping and the reliability

Your love has blessed me with is beyond words.

There are times when things are not smooth

Then there are those times that make anything bitter worthwhile.

In all those births to come (so they say)

I would only have you and no other

As the best thing about me is you.