Rumination amidst solitude

Love's Profundity

Published by purplepinkbliss under on 9:32 AM

You don’t hold my hand in company

Nor do you whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

We may not even convey ourselves merrily

Even around people we deem dear…

We have never dressed up for dinner

Nor have you surprised me with flowers.

Another day to Valentines’ is nothing dissimilar

And nor have we danced as doth lovers.

You have never flaunted me in attires attractive

Nor have you let me seize a step I could gain.

Partly out of seething and a mood reflective

I couldn’t help but unleash all refrain

As the added years helped me apprehend

Your love and its subtle and sublime ways

Expressing itself the moment I stir every morn

To the very night that fosters dreams array.

I no longer need to hear a florid word

And I do not long for your arm over my shoulder

Or a move or two together

To frame our love and reveal it to the world...

Your dining is most enjoyed with me, your home

The way I am sans the jewelry and special wear.

All that is truly precious is displayed seldom

And I can fathom why I’m guarded and dear…

A tear emerging from my eye burnishes your core

A silly stumble or a near fall hurts you more.

My haste is pruned by your timely starkness

Every ‘no’ is for a brighter ‘yes’.

I have the luxury of recklessness and oblivion

For I have your bosom to nestle to in times of concern.

No wonder we don’t have a song that is ours

For I know not a song so deep…

And I no longer wait for those set days and hours

To relish affection that is always mine in heaps.

Blessed am I to be loved in such profundity!

They say love is about helping one another grow

IF so

I am fortunate to have someone who could never love me more.